We’ll celebrate our new home on Sunday, June 30 from 1-3 p.m. at the site on Freedom Road in Milan, Pa.

Bring a picnic lunch and we’ll have games and activities for everyone. Click here for directions.

We are blessed to have a permanent home! By that time, we will have begun renovations, so we won’t be inside the building, but we’ll have drawings and members of our Building Advisory Committee will be on hand to answer questions.

Until we make the move, please join us for Sunday services at Harlan Rowe Middle School at 9:30 & 11 a.m.


What we have

God has led us to Freedom Road in Milan, where we have been blessed with a church building and the surrounding land that will not only serve our needs today, but for generations to come. We want the facility to be a source of light, hope and help in the community. We envision the building as a home for greater impact in God’s Kingdom, not the end goal itself. Over the next several months, we will be renovating the building to fit our unique needs.

The Challenge

Do we have obstacles in stepping into this pursuit? Absolutely! God has blessed us with a property with room to grow His vision. We’ve been saving diligently since 2013, and we were in a great position to make the purchase. But He’s not going to stop there; we need to room for the next generation. Our Family Ministry (for kids birth through high school) is doing amazing things in the lives of our kids. Our goal is to give them the room they need. The campaign goal remains at $500,000 over the next year and we’re a little over halfway there.

The Invitation

Pray boldly about: • how God can use you to see this vision accomplished;• what God wants to do in reaching those who don’t know him yet;• taking a big step of faith toward this God-sized vision which will change the landscape of our community

Spiritual Journey

This is not a fundraiser but a faith raiser.The people of Encounter Church have designed a 34-day devotional journey. We encourage you all to follow. You will be amazed how God speaks to your heart. Come along on our 34-day spiritual journey.... click here.

Commitment Cards

Pray individually and as a family about how you may contribute to the campaign over the next two years. At the end of your spiritual journey, please complete the commitment card online or print one out and send it to the church office.