Spiritual Journey


The journeys we take are often meaningful. A spiritual journey is no different. Jesus took time away to be with his Heavenly Father – fasting, praying and getting ready for what was ahead. God took his people on an incredible journey, out of slavery, across the desert and into a land that was filled with promise. Mary and Joseph took that epic journey into Bethlehem where the savior of the world was born. The wise men took a road trip in search of a King and followed a star that led them to Jesus. Journeys grow people, refresh people, prepare people and transform people.

At the heart of the spiritual journey is the understanding that it is a journey. There are no grades, penalties or trophies involved in this journey, but we do know that time spent with a Holy God will reap bene its and blessings beyond what you can imagine for yourself. You will be challenged and encouraged.

As hundreds embark on this journey, we pray Encounter Church will never be the same! Can you imagine the HOPE of God UNHINDERED in our community?

God is preparing us to expand our impact in the Valley. May your hope in Christ become unhindered as you journey along! Let’s blanket the Valley in our prayers!

We have designed this devotional for both personal and family use. Each devotional is ideally formatted to be used daily, Monday through Saturday, during a time where you can set aside about 15 minutes to hang with God. Keep in mind that God values time with you. He has some things he wants to hear from you and things he wants to say to you.

There are four ways we want you to participate in the spiritual journey:

I. Personal Devotion: Read the daily scripture and reflections; Meditate on the bottom line throughout the day; Listen to the some of the songs suggested; decide ahead of time to follow through if the Lord nudges you to move in any way.

II. Family Devotion: The Family portion of this devotional is recurring every Wednesday. We call it “Wacky Wednesday.” Each Wednesday we’ll look at the special journey of God’s people, the Israelites. Each week we’ll ask; “Where are the Israelites now?!” As we look at their trip from bond- age to freedom, we will have some activities, video links and discussion points for kids. We invite you to take your family on this leg of the spiritual journey where, as a family, you talk about God and you pray together.

III. Church: Sunday Morning Huddles – don’t miss church on Sundays as we worship God collectively and catch a glimpse of the coming week’s theme on our journey.

IV. Community: Participate in Run, Walk, Park and Pray Sunday, May 6. There is no Sunday service this day due to Arts4All Festival. We are asking all who call Encounter home to get in their cars and drive to or walk around a place in the community that represents our members: fire stations, police stations, government offices, shopping plazas, schools, etc. Those participating the Encounter 5K that day can also pray as they run through the community.