Spiritual Journey


The journeys we take are often meaningful. A spiritual journey is no different. Jesus took time away to be with his Heavenly Father – fasting, praying and getting ready for what was ahead. God took his people on an incredible journey, out of slavery, across the desert and into a land that was filled with promise. Mary and Joseph took that epic journey into Bethlehem where the savior of the world was born. The wise men took a road trip in search of a King and followed a star that led them to Jesus. Journeys grow people, refresh people, prepare people and transform people.

From Hope Delayed to Hope Abounds – each week has a dferent theme of hope that will act as a thread throughout the devotional readings.

Week 3

Hope Released: Hope received cannot be contained. The hope of Christ cannot be hoarded or kept to ourselves. When you are truly set free from the chains of your sin, you want to share that hope with others.


Day 15 - Hope Released

April 23
Music for the day: “Captivate Us,” Watermark


Day 16 – How Does Your Garden Grow?

April 24
Music for the day: “More Than You Think I Am,” Danny Gokey


Day 17 – Wacky Wednesday

April 25
Music for the day: “Ever Be,” Bethel


Day 18 – Simply Share

April 26
Music for the day: “Soul On Fire,” Third Day


Day 19 – Do You Want to be Well?

April 27
Music for the day: “Homeward Bound,” Kristene Mueller


Day  20 – What’s In Your Wallet?

April 28
Music for the day: “Resurrecting,” Elevation Worship