Spiritual Journey


The journeys we take are often meaningful. A spiritual journey is no different. Jesus took time away to be with his Heavenly Father – fasting, praying and getting ready for what was ahead. God took his people on an incredible journey, out of slavery, across the desert and into a land that was filled with promise. Mary and Joseph took that epic journey into Bethlehem where the savior of the world was born. The wise men took a road trip in search of a King and followed a star that led them to Jesus. Journeys grow people, refresh people, prepare people and transform people.

From Hope Delayed to Hope Abounds – each week has a di erent theme of hope that will act as a thread throughout the devotional readings.

Week 1

Hope Delayed: God is bigger than your history and more concerned with your destiny. Until we take responsibility for our part in our faith journey, the hope of the Lord remains underground in our soul, hidden, waiting to grow and be unleashed.


Day 1 - Hope Delayed

April 9
Music for the day: “Come to The Table,” Sidewalk Prophets


Day 2 – Seed Packets

April 10
Music for the day: “Come As You Are,” David Crowder


Day 3 – Wacky Wednesday

April 11
Music for the day: “Break Every Chain,” Jesus Culture


Day 4 – Sin, Doubts & Insecurities

April 12
Music for the day: “Grace Wins,” Matthew West


Day 5 – Reach Toward

April 13
Music for the day: “Never Too Far Gone,” Jordan Feliz


Day 6 – The Lost Son

April 14
Music for the day: "Prodigal,” Sidewalk Prophets