God has given each of us a spiritual gifts to help grow His Kingdom. Whether you're great with kids or you have a musical talent, Encounter has a place for you on our volunteer team. Look through our teams and see where your talent lies – there's a form at the bottom of the page when you're ready to help out.

Set Up / Tear Down

Each week at Encounter starts with a box. Several boxes, really. Our Set Up and Tear Down Team takes the content of those boxes and builds a church from scratch every week. Family Ministry, our Worship Center, the Worship Team, and our Guest Services all rely on the dedicated volunteers either arriving a little early or staying a little late to build the Kingdom of God in a middle school.

Guest Services

Remember that warm greeting when you first arrived at Encounter? We want everyone to feel welcome from the moment they arrive in the parking lot and that's where our fantastic Guest Services Team shines! Whether you're making the coffee before our guests arrives, greeting them at the door, handing them a bulletin or helping them sign their kids into family ministry, if you're a "people person," we've got a spot for you.

Family Ministry

Each week our Family Ministry folks create a high-energy, hands-on enlightening environment where your kids get to know and love Jesus. There are teachers in our pre-school and elementary levels, and we've always got room for more caregivers in the nursery. You'll also have the opportunity to welcome the little ones in the registration area.

Visual Media

At Encounter we want to make your worship experience as special as possible. Our Visual Media Team of graphic artists, video editors and production specialists work hard to put together the sights and sounds that bring you closer to God during worship.

Safety Team

Each week, there's a dedicated team of Safety Team members in our hallways, watching over us while we worship and keeping an eye on our kids in Family Ministry. There are clearances required for this team. 

Inside Out Productions

Several times a year, our Encounter Inside Out Team puts together an evening of laughter, learning and love for the kids in our community. The full stage production includes stage design, actors, and tech and media. 

Worship Team

If music is your spiritual gift, then our Worship Team may be what God has in mind for you.