Thank you for answering a call from God and taking on the responsibility of this project. This form is specifically for video requests.

Before you make your request

  • Make sure you've allowed (6) weeks for the process. Please note that we cannot fulfill requests the week of a service. Draft videos will be provided (2) weeks prior to run date. No changes can be made the week of the Run Date.

  • Each video type has some time limitations. Times listed are maximums

    • Bumpers: 1:30

    • Announcements (during offering): 1:15

    • Announcements (during connection card): 2:30

    • Testimonials - depending on their use can be longer

    • Web-only: depending on the purpose :30 to 1:00

Name of Responsible Point Person *
Name of Responsible Point Person
Back-Up Point Person *
Back-Up Point Person
There must be a back-up point of contact for each event.
: bullet points are great! (What is the theme or experience you want produced with the event? Include why people should be interested and what will the gain from the event? What need in their life will it fulfill? How does this align with Encounter's mission, vision and values?
What is the target audience for this event/program? *
What type of video is it? *
If you have an idea of how the story should be told in the video, please include that here.
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