Thank you for answering a call from God and taking on the responsibility of this project. This form will help you organize your thoughts and help you plan. Please fill out and submit this form. Someone from our communication team will soon be in touch to work with you.

Before you make your request

  • Make sure you've allowed six (6) weeks for the design/printing/video process (if applicable). Please note that we cannot fulfill requests the week of a service

  • Evaluate the return on your investment of time and resources.

  • Receive proper approval from your staff liaison (assigned by the Outreach Coordinator

Just looking for a video? Here’s a Video Request Form

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Name of Responsible Point Person
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Back-Up Point Person
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: bullet points are great! (What is the theme or experience you want produced with the event? Include why people should be interested and what will the gain from the event? What need in their life will it fulfill? How does this align with Encounter's mission, vision and values?
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