We truly believe that the middle and high school students
in our midst are world changers in the making.


If you spend any time around our church at all, you'll quickly learn one thing: we love students. They're smart. They're funny. They're bold. And they're bursting with potential.

We know that the middle and high school years are a time where students are most in need of kindness and community and someone to walk alongside them as they grow. Our student ministry provides just that, connecting students with one another as well as with leaders who want to support them in their journeys.

Our 6th-8th grade students meet 11 a.m. Encounter Students ministry in the library. The program is focused on you and your friends and the stage of life you’re in.

What does that mean for the high school students?

We realize you’re in a different stage; riding that fine line between teen and adult. We want you to join us in the main Worship Service, where you can worship to music, listen to relevant messages, and find a place to serve if God is leading you.

Special trips and activities are planned regularly.