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Our Current Series

Thumbs Up

There’s an element of intentionality when we put God at the center of our lives. It’s reflected in your prayers and as you grow in your walk with Christ you become more like him.  What motives you shifts from worldly aspirations, desires and pleasures to things that align with God’s will or God’s heart. When our prayers are motivated by the desire to seek God’s will in our life, they become power and effective.


Next steps 

Are you ready to take that next step?


As an outward symbol of inward change, baptism is an important part of your faith journey. 

Small Groups

Jesus was in a small group. When a dozen people get together once a week, powerful life change happens. 


Serving is one of the ways God grows us spiritually. Find out  how and where you can join one of our teams.


What if we took the words of Jesus and
actually put them into practice? Literally. 

With this challenge, you can do just that.