welcome to encounter

We are here to give, love and serve
in the name of Christ. We can't wait
to worship with you.




The Driving Force

We are on a mission to bring the hope of Jesus to our community and region.  You may wonder why that is so important and how are we going about making that reality.  In this series of talks, you are invited to Discover Encounter; how we came to be, why we exist, and where we are going.  Listen to the first talk from the weekend to gain a backstage view of the work God is doing now and where he is leading us in the future.   


Next steps 

Are you ready to take that next step?


As an outward symbol of inward change, baptism is an important part of your faith journey. 

Small Groups

Jesus was in a small group. When a dozen people get together once a week, powerful life change happens. 


Serving is one of the ways God grows us spiritually. Find out  how and where you can join one of our teams.