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What is the BIG deal about SMALL GROUPS?

We are created for community and doing life in the company of others helps us grow spiritually.  Sustained life change happens in the context of small groups.  We grow in our ability to love God and each other, to care for one another, to understand people different than us - and this makes us more like Jesus (who, by the way, did life in a small group).  

What is a Small Group?
Small Groups are groups of 8-12 individuals who meet in someone's home to build relationships, pray, and learn. They usually meet weekly for about 90 min.

What happens at Small Group?
Every group is different and has its own personality, but there are some common denominators:

  • The central component is building RELATIONSHIPS so there will be a time just for hanging out, talking about the week and what’s going on in life.
  • All groups have a time of LEARNING as well. Usually the material is something very relevant to the members of the group. It may be the study on one of the books of the bible, or a study dealing with stress, parenting, marriage or other topic from a biblical perspective. Our groups are designed to encourage discussion and engage each person in the process.
  • And then our groups have an opportunity to PRAY with each other. Usually the leader opens and closes the group time in prayer.
Currently at Encounter
  • We have 11 Small Groups representing 92 individuals that call Encounter their spiritual home.  
  • This represents 61% of our average attendance!  
  • This is HUGE but it is our goal to include everyone in this community experience.  We would love to add 9 more groups by 2017 ! 
  • Interested in leading?   Contact
For more information on joining one of our small groups or becoming a small group leader contact: Pam Washburn-Small Group Director at