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Encounter Church partners with existing organizations in our community that are already accomplishing Kingdom oriented goals.  Do you have a Ministry Outreach Idea?  Click Here to submit your plan!



The Bridge of the Penn-York Valley Churches:

The Bridge is a non-profit organization of churches in the Penn-York Valley and serves residents in the
school districts of Waverly, NY; Sayre, PA; and Athens, PA.  The aim of The Bridge is to bridge the gaps of life in the name of Jesus Christ, and to provide help when and where other agencies are not available.

Endless Mountains Pregnancy Care Center:

The Endless Mountains Pregnancy Care Center (EMPCC) is a non-denominational, non-profit, Christ-centered organization. EMPCC was formed for the purpose of providing free and confidential support – emotional, spiritual and physical – to individuals involved in pregnancy. These services include pregnancy tests, education, physical and emotional support, life saving solutions to mothers and their pre-born babies – while always giving witness to the love of Jesus Christ.

Sayre House of Hope:

The Sayre House of Hope in Sayre, PA, provides housing for family members of patients who travel a distance to the Sayre campus. House of Hope volunteers answer phones and take messages, help with fundraising, minor housekeeping and kitchen duties, greet and register new guests, maintain records, and assist guests as needed.

Food For Thought:

 Who we are:

A variety of people from all walks of life have come together in concern about child hunger in the Valley: ministers, school administrators and teachers, agencies from Pennsylvania and New York, retired people and those involved with local food pantries.


To provide nutritional meals to students in need of food over weekends and school vacations throughout the school year.


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