We keep it simple.

You'll notice that we work diligently to do a few things really well.  The reason we don't offer an immense variety of activities during the week is because we want you to be free to raise your kids, get involved in community service opportunities, and have some down time - without feeling guilty about missing a church event.  

We keep it real.

Our mission is simple:  Love God.  Love People.  Make Disciples.  Everything we do, from Family Ministries environments, to worship; from the sermon to small groups; from set-up and tear-down to guest services - we aim to help you experience God rather than simply hear about him.  

We keep it focused.

Because of our simple mission, we strive to stay focused on the most important area's in the life of a follower of Christ.  Everything that happens, and all directions that we choose to go, are funneled through our mission statement.  We never want to get distracted by something that is good and miss out entirely on something that is from God.

We do it all in community.

Everything mentioned to this point happens best in the context of community.  At Encounter Church we believe in teamwork, small groups, and serving.  It is within these types of environments that we truly discover how to love one another well, how to serve as Jesus taught, and how to experience the care and compassion of God through his people.